Cloven Hoof Rum

Our philosophy and Cloven Hoof

How are new drinks brands created?

This is normally done by a large corporate drinks company – by committee. Trust us, we’ve been there. A group of marketeers, salesmen, Heads of Production and the people from Research and Development get together, in an office and discuss an opportunity. They talk a lot about ‘gaps’ in the market. They have gathered insights from quantitative and qualitative research. They review demographics. They will look at in-bar research and social media analytics. They will create a product in the lab and then bring in a branding man to come up with a name and a visual language to suit everyone. Once created, they will then research it… Intensively. When they are satisfied that it fits all of their defined criteria they will launch it to bewildered publicans – who will query whether the world needs more artifice or, as we like to call it, ‘Office Pop’.

Well, my fellow Sinners… We think that sucks.

We have served people behind bars for years. We know what fires the soul and what gets people going. Do not be hoodwinked by a Slick in a suit. Truly creative people don’t work that way. Inspiration comes from the depths and often in the middle of the night. 


We are an odd blend of creative Sussex folks and we truly love rum and drinking it with our mates. We spend a lot of time in bad company until the night comes.

So, after lots of kitchen top experimentation and random blending, we came up with something we absolutely adore. A blend of top quality rums from Guyana and Trinidad, an inspired mix of natural spices, all delivered with the kick of a cloven hoof straight out of the Underworld. We have created a consuming passion! We love it with coke or ginger beer. We love it as shots or on the rocks and we really want to share it with you.

However, we do realise that we have to market this delicious stuff and create a brand name – a bar call so to speak. We didn’t want a Cuban history, a bat in a belfry, a sea monster or tattooed sailor – who really cares about this anyway? After consuming several rums, with delicious cloves and other mysterious stuff in the recipe, one witty sinner said call it, “Cloven Hoof”. We knocked it back ceremoniously. Pagan, deep red and extremely dark – just like the drink. The devil made us do it. This, my brethren, is the secret of branding – and the ideal way to create a lovely rum.