Cloven Hoof Rum

Find the Hoofing sweet-spot and mix your own poison

Not everything has a science

We really like good bar staff – bright, witty, charming – a great reason to return to a fine hostelry. We have tolerated cocktail mixing as long as it doesn’t waste too much time and doesn’t go to Cruise Level One. We want quality refreshment not amateur theatre.

Our serving suggestion is that we suggest you raise a keen and suspicious eyebrow and don’t pay heed to the corporate hype. You will find the Hoofing sweet-spot! Go create!

Cloven Hoof is a spiced, dark and strong rum and we have had a LOT of fun experimenting with a number of mixers – cola, ginger beer, lime juice, blood oranges and so much more. We’ve even warmed it through a punch to comfort the soul in the small hours. 

Taste is in the buds of the beholder… You know what you like. Life is about discovery, experimenting, getting things right and wrong and making your own mind up. Who needs a mixologist to tell YOU what you like… YOU are NOT a clone. Go create!

Paul Stanley AKA "The Cloven One" is the creator and Director of Cloven Hoof rum.

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